About Us

Hi - I’m Josh Grabovic, founder of velomyblind.com.au

A few years ago i purchased roller blinds from one of the major blind resellers and was shocked that after being installed i could see the exposed brackets and mechanisms. It was a brand new house and we put in so much effort to make sure that everything was perfect, beautiful furniture, hardwood flooring, crisp painted walls and the finishing touch was to be the roller blinds, but they just looked unfinished. When i questioned this unfinished look i was told that the only solution was an expensive pelmet. In my opinion pelmets are not only expensive but are out-dated and were not a good enough answer - i then went to the internet and found nothing.

This is when i decided that i need to do something about this - i created Velo.

I began with the aim of creating a beautifully designed high end blind end cover that will fit majority of the standard blind brackets from the major blind resellers. We were able to do this by spending months of design and research into the latest and best technologies. We wanted to create something that was easy to use, reduced waste and most of all added that perfect finishing touch to your greatest asset - your home.

Although it's been a long journey I am excited to present VELO - a beautifully designed, patented and modular blind bracket cover aimed at improving the aesthetic of conventional roller blind mounting brackets.

Its unique design allows it to fit most standard mounting brackets while hiding the unsightly mechanical mechanisms and gaps.


Thanks for visiting and I hope we can help you “Enhance your blinds!”